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Peak is a business consultancy focused on reviving momentum and rebuilding topline growth. 


No one does what we do. There is a huge gap in services offered to companies at the critical juncture of positioning themselves for the next big event. At PeakMarket Consulting our focus is on small and medium sizes business at either a pre-or post-workout stage”. Our goal is to focus on strategy for profitable top line growth. It is challenging to continually brainstorm, validate, and execute on the right path for your business. At PeakMarket Consulting, we assist you in assessing your strategy and maximizing your company valuation across the full landscape of go to market strategies, with the single goal of accelerating revenue.   Our goal is to help you prepare for and realize the ultimate win for you, your employees, and your investors.   


John has been in the technology industry for over 25 years, having responsibility as the worldwide leader of sales and operations, supporting organization at many levels of maturity; including angle funded, private equity, venture capital and fortune 100 companies. John is skilled in sales management and corporate operations, including the establishment of strategic alliances and M&A, integrations, with a track record of bringing innovative solutions to market and growing new businesses, across multiple channels.   Prior to founding PeakMarket Consulting, John most recently served as Senior Vice President of a private equity owned company, and was responsible for the company’s global go to market strategy and sales operations. John holds a MBA from Syracuse Universities Whitman School, and is certified as a professor of practice.   

What We Do

"Develop Go To Market Strategy"

 It is challenging to continually brainstorm, validate, and execute on the right path for your business. At PeakMarket Consulting, we assist you in assessing your strategy and maximizing your company valuation across the full land- scape of go to market channels, with the goal of maximizing your top line growth Our goal is to help you prepare for and realize the ultimate win for you, your employees, and your investors. Peak Puts Skin In the Game by combining a competitive daily rate with earn out on top line growth. 

"Business Transformation Catalyst"

In today’s world, more and more companies are undergoing transformations, yet only 12% fully accomplish their goals. Peak reenergizes stalled or struggling transformations, helping companies achieve full potential results, insuring they are prepared for the next “big event”.    

"IT Infrastructure for Better Business Outcomes"

Peak provide leadership advice and assistance for the development or review of a technology strategy and operational IT plan to support an organization's business strategy and goals during significant transformational change in the business.  We help client to manage technology risks during significant business transformations through development of policies and standards and managing the interface between business and IT 

"Executive Advisory Services"

 From time to time executives need to apply a fresh set of eyes or ears to a nagging problem or concern. At Peak, we work with our clients t with additional management assistance with operational-related issues.  Our goal is to eliminate organization friction, and accelerate goal achievement. 



Top line growth strategy engagments are established on the gathering of primary data through interviews, and surveys, with our clients, their customers, potential customers and their competitors customers. it is the insights that we develop about our clients market, their offerings value, customers and competitors that form the foundation of our conclusions and recommendations. 


Our clients hire us to partner with them to get answers to critical business questions, and assist in the appropriate transofrmational strategies that can be executed in weeks not months. Our projects are scoped for an average of 8 weeks with iterative recommendations being made throughout the process.


Our model is simple. No college interns will show up at your door. Everyone of our consultants has a minimum of 10 years experience, directly related to the work being performed. All of our advisors are deeply engaged in all aspects of the work. The solutions we proposed are based on learnings achieved through our successes and failures in like markets. 


To often marketing and sales are left out of the strategy for capital infusion. The fact is that investors are interested in more than he balance sheet. At Peak we focus on the story that provides the investor with your vision for growth.  The story they are most interested in is your growth strategy. Without it you become a"me to", and unlikely to attracted the interest of today investors.


In order to create a revenue acceleration strategy, you must begin by mapping out the business to identify gaps and seize opportunities, we begin by asking crucial questions, that are often overlooked. At Peak we focus on all elements of your "Go To Market" strategy that are needed to accelerate growth.


What could be more vital to a company’s long-term health than the choice and cultivation of its future leaders? And yet, while companies maintain meticulous lists of candidates who could at a moment’s notice step into the shoes of a key executive, an alarming number of newly minted leaders fail spectacularly, ill prepared to do the jobs for which they supposedly have been groomed.  At Peak we work with you team to prepare for that next big event. 



“ John brought a high level of energy and enthusiasm in his work supporting the maturation of EDH’s go-to-market strategy at a key time in the company’s life cycle.  John challenged us with all the critical questions related to our overall sales process and operations, including pipeline development, qualification & call planning, opportunity & sales funnel management, forecasting, channel partner management, pricing and contracting.  His advice and coaching included helpful guidance in all these areas and led to positive change and improvements in our processes.

John also catalyzed very meaningful attention to, and development of, a refined company value proposition, brand messaging foundation, implementation methodology presentation, and quantitative basis for client return on investment analysis.  John was highly effective in eliciting the relevant facts, content, and context from our internal subject matter experts in all the aforementioned areas, resulting in compelling tools to facilitate efficient and effective communication of EDH client value throughout the selling cycle phases. 

I recommend John’s consulting services to all businesses seeking to improve their performance in any or all of these requisite go-to-market disciplines."


“When John joined Endeca, the company was in the early stages of product development. As a engineering focused organization we believed our superior technology was all that would be required to propel top line growth. John, very quickly established operational and sales processes that allowed Endeca to focus on key growth markets and ensure accountability across all functional organizations. As a result of John’s consultative approach and executive collaboration Endeca was able to growth from less than $2 million to over $35 million in revenue over a three year period. John had a significant impact on Endeca’s valuation of over $1Billion when sold to Oracle Corporation.”


“In only a few months, John Nanno has had a very positive impact on Aquarii’s owners, management and other stakeholders. He has brought fresh ideas, strategies and objectives to help Aquarii, market themselves as a rightful leader in a niche segment of the commercial LED marketplace. John’s energy is always apparent and most notable, when he spends more of his time on our business than originally agreed upon. His vast sales marketing and operational experience, coupled with his excellent technical skills, provides Aquarii, with a resource that has been Sorley lacking since its origin in 2013.”

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